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Hey ya'll!

  My name is Rebecca and I love all things crafty! I grew up in Southern Alabama with a crafty mama, but didn't embrace my inner artist until adulthood. While working as a high school science teacher, I discovered string art and was immediately hooked! In 2018, I opened a DIY studio in Southern Indiana where I've lived for about 16 years. I love teaching and I love crafting so combining the two seemed like a given. I no longer work in a school setting but I work full time (and then some) creating, designing and teaching all the things I enjoy!

  My husband is the woodworker behind all my ideas and I truly appreciate his handy work! I feel extremely blessed to be where I am although I'd never have imagined it for myself before recently.  I took 10 years to finish college because I was terrified of public speaking and now I stand in front of large groups on a regular basis! Ohhh...the irony! Although I still get nervous sometimes, my true passion is to help women embrace their inner creativity and use it find joy and purpose. Art has changed my life in so many ways and I want to share it with you!

Thank you all for supporting my dream! 

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